The Road We Travel...

Comes with many dreams and aspirations. Sometimes they are small and sometimes they are life-altering. Sometimes they are trivial or just for fun and sometimes they are serious. Either way, dreams come to us to be fulfilled. We have aspirations to give us meaning in life. Where would we be without our goals to strive towards?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Abandoned Beauty

Ever see those old, run-down buildings and look at them with more than just disgust or annoyance? I do. I see them as, yes, slightly in the way, but also as something that adds character. Sometimes, the things we see everyday become mundane in our eyes. Looking at things through a lens sort of gives us a new eye and appreciation of things. With this, not only do I want to do an entire project on "abandoned buildings and such" but I also want to explore them. Look closer, see the details and the smaller things. I want to notice the remnants left behind of previous inhabitors. I want to see the life of these "dead" buildings and appreciate them in the only way they seem to be found useful anymore.

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